Thanks for taking the time to do our first ever blog interview with us, guys! It's much appreciated. Stoked to have you. Could you guys give our readers a elevator pitch to TPD TV?

All good - happy to be here! In short - TPD TV is an online content creation brand (fancy way of saying a YouTube channel!) where we cover travel and live music, from a raw & unpolished perspective.

First three words that comes to mind that describes the group as a whole?

Authentic, relatable… and dare I say funny? Is that a bit big headed? I guess you guys can be the judges!

How did the idea of TPD TV originate? 

At it’s core it’s quite random. I was watching I'm A Celeb back in like, god, 2005 or something? I loved when someone got voted off and a ‘best bits’ reel played. I wanted a ‘best bits’ reel for my own life so I figured… best start filming stuff! Not many people know that actually and it’s weird to say because I haven’t watched Celeb in over a decade now!

The whole team seem to be heavily influenced by hype brands such Supreme and The North Face. Does that influence have any effect on your own merchandise?

Hahahah I think that’s mainly my input. The ‘Box Logo’ design is not only iconic for other brands but it’s pretty much open-source in terms of parody / replication. So that works great for a design. It also works really well as an item that supports our channel, but can still look cool if nobody knows what the channel is. Ultimately its a red box on a tee and there's not much room for error there! As I do the designs myself (or most of them at least) I generally design something I’d want to wear. The brands you mention are my two favourites so I guess it drips down from that!

What does merchandise mean to a group like TPD TV?

I love doing merch. We did our first ever run of tees ourselves, self fulfilled, and FREE of charge. It was kind off like a reward for people watching all the way to the end of one of our videos. We hand delivered them and it was a RIGHT job. Never again lol. Merch is a really great way of giving viewers something back for them support you financially. We really do appreciate it - so sincerely. Without people liking us enough to buy our merch, we wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the cool things we’ve done - so we really do appreciate it and we love our viewers dearly.

You guys have obviously seen a lot of crazy things over the years of attending festivals. Is there a particular funny memory that jumps to mind that you would like to share with our readers?

Sorry to bring the tone of your blog down to this level but this is the first thing that springs to mind… we were watching RHCP at Leeds one year and the guys in front of us were having a right party. One of them started having a wee right there on the spot… which is pretty normal at a festival. What wasn’t Normal was his mate jumping down to catch it all in his mouth. We couldn't believe what we were seeing - but it was a damn sight more entertaining than RHCP. Feel free not to publish this!

What is the ultimate goal that you would like to achieve with the brand?

I’d love to be able to turn it into a full-time thing. Not necessarily financial, just in terms of time we could spend on it. If this could be a full time gig then I feel it’d be super enjoyable and give us the time to focus on all the little things, like stickers in the packaging, custom tags etc. the stuff we just don't have time for at the mo!

What do you guys miss the most about attending festivals and what's the first festival you would like to attend as a group once the world returns back to normal?

I really miss… pretty much everything. Tents. Beers at 8am. Meeting our community. LIVE MUSIC!!! I’ve been trying to replicate the feeling of being at a gig by watching Foo Fighters live on YouTube but it doesn’t have the same effect sadly :( We’d love to go to GLASTO to kick things back off. We’ve never been and it’s always high up on our list. It was just cancelled this morning though and I’m sure all the others will follow. I think our next festival will be Slam Dunk in Leeds, 2022. Where I’ll be 30. Which pains me to read.

Any words of advice for people that's looking to start up their own brand?

Don’t expect success overnight! We’ve been grinding at content creation for over a decade and it’s really easy to lose focus and motivation when you don’t hit the numbers. I get a lot of messages from people asking me this question actually looking to just make money, charge premium prices etc… I think you get out what you put in if that makes sense? We did our first run of tees for free completely out of our own pocket. The next run we did at £10 RRP free shipping which again put us at about even after all costs are considered. We do make a profit on the merch now and it’s the biggest revenue source for the channel. We only have that, I feel, because of the work we put in prior. And of course because of you guys’ help at Labyrinth!